10 tricks to make your home smell amazing

That day I came home to a smelly house. I left something really bad in the trash and I totally regret it. I took it out immediately of course, but I was striving to get the whole house smelling out!

How does one small scent turn into something so big?

I searched all over and found some great scent tricks that helped me decide.

Save it for the next time you're desperate to get your home smelling great. This would be perfect if you have company coming up!
10 tricks to make your house smell good
The good news is it smells like...a little bit of good smell can make a noticeable difference.

Make your entire home smell fresh with the all-chemical free air freshener we love.

Clip this car air freshener to the air vents in your home! Via Crazy Coupon Lady

Use Gain Fireworks aroma enhancer in your candle burner and your home will smell great. Across the stock pile up mothers

Kick off bad smells in your home by filling a crock pot with water and baking soda. Through a year of slow cooking

Easily create your own room scents using ingredients straight from your kitchen. via The Yummy Life

Put a small candle inside a pot full of coffee beans to get the aroma of vanilla coffee. Via Smart School House

Get rid of carpet odors fast with this simple DIY mixture.

Put a few teaspoons of vanilla extract in an ovenproof dish and bake at 300 degrees. Your home will smell amazing. via Lifehacker

Get a good room smelling quickly by sticking drying papers on a box fan. cross community 19

Another easy way that most landlords know about is baking cookies! I also like to adjust the bread machine because there is nothing better than fresh bread.

After trying to improve the smell of the house in vain, you may want to attack the roots of the bad smell. Here are some of the common causes of unpleasant house odor along with some very possible solutions.

How do you get the smell of smoke outside the house

Try volcanic rocks. I know it sounds crazy, but this super smart and surprisingly affordable option can help when a full renovation isn't an option. via Julie Planer

Volcanic rocks can remove unwanted home odors

A common suggestion is to boil vinegar and let it run all over the house. This can also succeed in fumigating clothes with a smoky smell. Via Dun Garden

Check out this list of odor absorbers via NACHI:


citrus fruits

baking soda

coffee shop floors


Change the air filters in your home and use our superior smart filter hack.

Getting the smell of a skunk's house is something I know better than usual! When we lived in Abilene, Texas we had a set of French doors going into the backyard which were clearly not fully closed. Time and time again, a skunk that entered our yard to drink by the pool and then find our dog, would trap poor Abby by those doors.

Skunk vs. Dog - Skunk House Odor Eliminator

What happened next filled the entire house with that stench.

What now?

I tried tomato juice.

Home Remedies That Really Work Across California University Of Agriculture And Natural Resources:

1 liter 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1/2 teaspoon liquid soap

Do not bottle or save this recipe. It is unstable and will expand (or explode), but it can change the chemical makeup of a skunk scent which means your home no longer smells like a skunk!

Get rid of the smell of the house

This is also tricky because you have to make sure that the root cause of the musty house smell is gone or you will never get rid of it. Or like me, you'll get rid of it until the next rain...when the moisture returns and wets the old mold that makes the whole house smell.

Baking soda, vinegar and citrus for home odor

1. Once the source is eliminated, thoroughly clean the entire room/house.

2. Use an odor absorbent such as vinegar, citrus, baking soda, ground coffee or charcoal.

3. Then use the tips at the beginning of this article to make your home smell even better!

Make sure that there are no sources of kindling - a fireplace, a gas stove, etc. and open a window.