Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie

This "lemon" pie is made with frozen concentrated lemon juice, cream cheese and condensed milk. A rich and rather simple dessert.

* Ingredients :

+Makes: 1 muffin (8 servings)
° 3/4 cup thawed frozen lemon concentrate
° 1 piece (250 g) soft cream cheese
° 1 can (300 ml) sweetened condensed milk
° 1 container (225 g) frozen and thawed whipped cream
° 1 9-inch graham cracker

* Preparation steps :
Preparation: 15 minutes › Overtime: 3 hours, Cooling: 3 hours, 15 minutes

In an electric mixer, blend first three ingredients. Run on medium speed until smooth. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and stir in the whipped topping, folded with a spoon. Transfer everything to the crust. Refrigerate a few hours before serving.

Enjoy !