Pasta salad

For an alcohol-free version of this dressing, substitute pastis for 1 Tbsp. of malt liquor.

Enough for 4 people


°300 grams fusilli
°1 fried zucchini and smoked bacon
°2 tomatoes
°8 pieces of candied tomatoes
+For dressing:
°2 tbsp. pasties
°1 c. Almond flavored syrup
°1 c. tablespoon balsamic vinegar
°2 tbsp. olive oil
°salt flower
°5 freshly ground peppers

*Realisation : 

Peel the fresh tomatoes, remove the seeds, then mix them with the sweetened tomatoes.

In a bowl, pour the pastis, malt syrup and vinegar. Mix everything well.

Add oil and emulsify vigorously. Salt and pepper to taste.

Cook the pasta well and then mix it with the fried vegetables. Sprinkle it with vinegar sauce before eating.

Enjoy !