CrockpotHam, Green Beans, & Potatoes!!! 😋😍

Today I offer a simple and hearty dish, green beans with potatoes and pork, a very complete dish that can be prepared for lunch or dinner.
It is very simple and light since we have Christmas soon and we are going overboard with a little delicious food. Green beans provide us with fibre, vitamins and minerals, little fat and a quick meal to prepare.

*ingredients :

°300 g green beans
°3  potatoes
°eggs 4
°100 grams minced pork
°garlic, parsley
°olive oil

* Preparation :

The first thing we will do is cook 4 eggs for 10 minutes.
On other hand, we washing green beans, cutting ends also cutting them to pieces. Peeled potatoes & cut them to pieces.
We put a pot with water and a little salt when it starts to boil, and serve the potatoes, & after 11 min we putting beans & leave them to potatoes & beans are cook.    
When they are, we'll remove them and put them down the drain.
Fry the pork chops in a frying pan with a little oil, and set aside.
In a bowl, put the beans with the potatoes, and put the fried pork on top.
Peel the boiled eggs and place them around the source.
We chop a few garlic, put them in a mortar with a little parsley, crush a little and put a good drizzle of oil, with this we distribute over the beans and potatoes.

And ready to eat !!!