Fresh Strawberry Pie😍


°180g semi-wholemeal flour
°1 jar of applesauce
°80g coconut blossom sugar
°50g almond powder
°80g coconut oil
°20g of water
°1 pinch of salt
°A few drops of vanilla extract


Mix the flour, compote, sugar, ground almonds, coconut oil, water, pinch of salt and vanilla
Mix with your hands until you get a ball
Leave to rest for 20 min in fridge
Spread flour on parchment paper
Add flour to the dough if it has difficulty coming off the dough and knead the dough
Put the ball on your parchment paper and spread it with a rolling pin
Placing dough in a pie dish & prick it with fork.
Bake the dough for 25min at 180°C

Enjoy !