°1 pound minced meat
°1 small onion cut into cubes
°Salt and pepper to taste
°2 tablespoons taco seasoning
°1 teaspoon garlic powder
°1 cup long grain white rice
°1 1/2 cups beef broth
°1 15-oz can corn, drained
°8 oz tomato sauce
°1/2 c sauce
°1 c shredded cheese

*How to make:

Cooking ground beef, onion, & season with salt & pepper to taste in  skillet over medium heat to beef is no longer pink. Strain grease .
Returning skillet to stove and sprinkling beef with garlic powder & taco seasoning.
Adding rice, broth, corn, tomato sauce, & sauce.
Bring mixture to a boil. Covering, reduce heat, & simmer for 18-20 min, to rice is cooked.
Covering with cheese & returning lid to skillet for 2-3 min 

Enjoy !